SuperStream Streaming Services with Blockchain Technology

Streaming more advanced with the presence of blockchain in it, superstream will start the action.


Decentralized Streaming

A Streaming Platform thatenables decentralized streaming system

by utilizing decentralized blockchain technology, the superstream presents an amazingly good streaming experience.

  • Free Access wherever you are
  • High Quality streaming of the highest quality
  • Multi Platform you can use and access superstream on both mobile and computer devices

About SuperStream

SuperStream best streaming platform

SuperStream presents a system of tokenization in each streaming service that will simplify and improve features that have not previously existed on any streaming platform

  • Develop the latest streaming features
  • Tokenization streaming system
  • Easy Access with advanced system

Product Services

Why SuperStream ?

SuperStream App


September 2018

SuperStream ICO Start

October 2018

List SST on Exchanger

December 2018

Release SuperStreamWeb Beta

January 2019

Release SuperStream App on PlayStore

February 2019

Release SuperStream App on AppStore

April 2019

Release SuperStreamWeb 2.0 and In-App Exchanger

May 2019

Integrated with SST Wallet and member can using SST for buying theme or VIP member


SuperStream App

SuperStream will deliver an amazing application, enjoy the ease of enjoying your streaming


SuperStream will be used with a fully decentralized blockchain system

Token Exchange

SST and many other tokens based on ERC20 can be exchanged in our exchange after the exchange application launches

Cloud Stream

Cloud-based streaming will be available for convenience and security in streaming

Join & Buy Token
1st Token Sale
1 ETH = 20.000.000 SST
2nd Token Sale
1 ETH = 15.000.000 SST
3rd Token Sale
1 ETH = 10.000.000 SST

About token

Token Sale

  • Smartcontract:0xA98aC33bf1227ea5De0cF2a5F5c9cbA13cFF46D7
  • Token name: SuperStream Token
  • Ticker Symbol: SST
  • Decimal: 8
  • Payment Accepted: ETH
  • Max Supply: SST
  • Softcap: 200 ETH
  • Hardcap: 600 ETH
Additional Information

All Unsold token or Unallocated will be burned

CEO and All of Team Token will be Lock for 8 Months

Buy Token

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Token Distribution

Token Distribution
Allocation of funds

Total token supply - SST

  • 80% Distribute to ICO
  • 10% For Founder
  • 5% Team
  • 3% Advisor
  • 2% Airdrop


Reggie Stack

Lucas Nelson

Our Team

Ashton Owen
Jobe Randall
Lilly Finney
Marketing Support
Rylan Ballard

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